I also have received a charge to my credit card for McAfee866-622-**** TX that is unauthorized. I would like to know where do they get their information?

I can't figure it out unless Dell gives them my credit card information when I purchased my computer. I could not get anywhere with customer service until I gave them my credit card number, which frankly, scared me. I don't trust anyone with my card number anymore.

Apparently if you own a Dell, the McAfee virus protection will be an automatic renewal. Be prepared to get billed even if you aren't using McAfee anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcafee Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $79.

Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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I just found this charge today for $79.99 I did buy a dell computer, however the card that was charged is not the card that I bought the computer with. So I do not understand how they got that card number and I did not purchase any Mcafee products at the time I bought the computer so this is very disturbing.

Dell should not be able to give our personal information to other companies and Mcafee should not be allowed to charge us without our approval. It is a bit of a relief to know that I am not the only one this has happened to but it should not happen to anyone.


Was charged 49.99 x3 for no reason really. Never purchased from Dell.

Its a scam. Dont even bother calling Mcafee and waiting on them.

Just call your credit card company and have the charges reversed and get a new credit card number. It's a hassle but better to cancel your old compromised card.


McAfee appear to have done the same to me. I only have work computers and have never purchased anything from them.

I don't know how they managed to get the number. The Bank has referred it to the Fraud department.

I also understand that a broader investigation may also be in progress.


I'm in Australia (Melbourne), and it happen to me.

Got the bank to cancel my card and re-issue.

Real pain in the behind. Also got charged international transfer fees too. Grrrrrr!


Should have noted in my earlier email that McAfee has made at least 10 unauthorized charges on our card over the past 7 years. Fortunately, we caught most of them and AMEX reversed the charge.

There were a couple charges, however, that we "missed" until it was too late for any action to be taken, so those were money McAfee stole from us. Bottom line is that we've had trouble with this company for over 8 years and are I JUST found another charge from them on our credit card!


It's shocking to see how many people are having the same trouble with this company - and it seems to me that it must be illegal for this company to continue to make charges even after several notifications that they're no longer authorized to make those charges. I'm happy to join a class action lawsuit if someone can tell me how something like that can be started.



They charged my friend and she has now spent one hour trying to resolve it. Don't buy their products and put them out of business!

She's talking to someone from India now and they keep talking and talking and talking and they are trying to sell her more ***.

The nerve!


I to was charged the annual McAfee fee of 79.99 not once but twice. Dell gave all my account and billing info to McAfee.

You can contact McAfee at 866-662-**** option 3 to get your refund. I am still waiting to see if I actually get the second amount refunded. The call center is of course located in India so English is at times hard for them to grasp.

Beware if buying from Dell as they wont' help with this issue. I am also convinced McAfee had spyware included with there virus protection as Dell shouldn't have had the particular credit card this was charged to in the first place.


They are still operating. They need to be stopped.


McAfee charged me $89.99. The McAfee experience is one to avoid - bloated software, average customer support, hold music that sounds like road noise. As long Dell ships their product ships, I'll buy my PC elsewhere.


I was charged $85.67, I did their online chat through their website and was refunded. Overall it was painless to get my money back.

Still ticked it was even charged in the first place.


They just go me for $99.95. Is it Dell or McAfee that can give me my money back?



i love mcafee!!!!


Just saw 2 charges of $108.86 each on my credit card statement. I have not had/used McAfee in over a year and the card that they charged this to is a brand new account!

Not just a new card from an old account (because that could still go through fir subscriptions, etc.) but a totally brand new account! Just to be sure I also checked my McAfee account and all auto-renewals are and have always been off. Called the bank and they said they have had similar issues with McAfee before! The bank dispute person called McAfee while I was holding and conferenced the call.

McAfee person collected my CC, email, phone, full name which was totally bizarre but I had no choice.

Eventually they said they would investigate. I put a dispute on the charge with my bank and will have to see...

I will NEVER go McAfee again.


Just got stung again 7 or 8 years now since I offloaded the computer an 2 credit cards renewals later. Called India promised it will be sorted.

Hope so. :sigh


I disregarded the renewal subscription sent by mail as I had already gone with another company, however, McAfee went ahead and charged my credit card with £54.99 and I would like a complete refund.


My mum just went on her online banking account and was alarmed to see that McAfee had charged her credit card account for 169PLN, which is around $50. She then reported an unauthorized transaction to her bank, but they weren't familiar to the subject of McAfee fraud (Irish department was adressed). I googled the topic and this forum popped out. Mum has some e-mails from them, but only two of them inform about the charge, not even asking her for permission. The rest were just some *** about renewing subscription, no direct info about charges there.

We have had McAfee installed on one of our computers, but it was over 2 years ago. The antivirus began to fail and fully crash over a year ago, so I uninstalled it not without a struggle. We cannot recall if it was Toshiba autorized service or someone from the family who installed it, cause the laptop undergone service miriads of times.You can imagine how rarely my mum checks her email, and it's only once a year you can bust mcafee on fraud.

We have no idea where they have her CC deatails from as we can't recall if any of the related software nor hardware was bought via credit card. 14 days passed since they charged her the second time, so still some time is left to sort things out. First we plan to contact McAfee Poland for the refund. Then block the credit card for such cases. Next - notify the prosecutor and let the mayhem begin. *** *** use your lack of attention to charge you, that's simply wrong, but unauthorized transactions are illegal.

I'm gonna look back on this forum if you want to share some info.


They did the same thing to me. I went to pay my credit card and there was a charge for 97 dollars on my card. I disputed it with my credit card company right away but after reading what I read here and other places I wanted to deal with them directly.

I called the company. Their phone service is obviously outsourced to India. No offense, but I could hardly understand the woman that I was talking to and I never have issues with this. However, she basically told me that a renewal pops up on your computer each year that you click on. Sorry, never did that because I haven't used the computer in about 2 years because their product DOESN'T WORK and it got a while slew of viruses. Once I told her this she basically said it doesn't matter if you use the computer or not or if it even works it will automatically renew. So if it automatically renews, then why have the pop-up on your computer and why send me emails every month asking me to renew for lower prices.

She sounded as if she deals with this a lot and has been given a script as to what to say. They good news is that they agreed to refund and "said" they will never bill me again. I think they are banking on people who either won't fight the charge or won't notice the charge. I am sure if I had not caught this within the 30 day money back guarantee I may not have been so lucky.


They just got me for almost 100 dollars. I haven't used their product for over a year and all of the sudden they place a charge on my credit card.

I disputed it with my credit card and plan to call them first thing in the morning. Do they really think people won't notice charges that large on their bills?


This happened to me a year or more ago and McAfee said it wouldnt happen again!?

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