I also have received a charge to my credit card for McAfee866-622-3911 TX that is unauthorized. I would like to know where do they get their information?

I can't figure it out unless Dell gives them my credit card information when I purchased my computer. I could not get anywhere with customer service until I gave them my credit card number, which frankly, scared me. I don't trust anyone with my card number anymore.

Apparently if you own a Dell, the McAfee virus protection will be an automatic renewal. Be prepared to get billed even if you aren't using McAfee anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcafee Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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So I ended up calling them why they charged me 109.99. Turns out I had an account started 3 years ago that was on auto-renew (which I also don't remember doing).

They were able to cancel the autonew and refund my money. So instead of cancelling your card, try calling first and getting refunded.


Just found a charge for 107. and change for 12/24/18 McAfee.

I don't have McAfee on any of my devices. I called and they needed my address, email, name, and last 4 digits of my account. They asked me how I knew Susan. It is my mother in a different state.

They claim the charge is for her McAfee. Thing is she has never used my credit card and she has received nothing from McAfee on renewal. She said she was not even sure she had them on her computer. .

Anyway McAfee tried to get me to give them my moms credit card info. I said NO this has nothing to do with her. It is my card you charged. She stated she had not requested the charge or the product.

It has something to do with auto renewal, but again we never made the charge and outside of buying the computer years ago on a credit card, I have never used my card to buy McAfee.

I demanded a refund which they state I will get within a week. Now I am wondering if they have slid this charge in on me in past years without picking up on it.


You are smart..just cancel your account; lots of imposter security companies! Don't trust Lifelock with Norton


I just got hit with $108.00 by McAfee. I am reporting bank fraud to my bank and calling the attorney general.


They charge me for nothing too!!! It’s £52.39!!!


I was wrongly debited 59.99 USD (=220.77 Isr. shekel). I have never purchased McAfee and I am demanding a refund as soon as possible.


McAfee got me for $93. I've tried three times to get my refund.

They just put you on hold and tell you a bunch of crap like "your not showing in our system." I feel like I got scammed and I did. If you got McAfee better change to something else and check your credit card statements because they will ream you up the caboose.


Mcafee just charged my card too! 108 bucks lost out of no where.

Sketchy thing is, I don't even use Mcafee.

It is installed on my computer but I have never opened it, nor have I ever made an account for it. Virus protection my *** Mcafee is the virus.


6/12/18I just checked my checking account and was shocked to see that $99.99 was withdrawn by McAfee today! I never authorized this.I'm calling them in the morning, and they better put it right back.It took seconds for them to take ...

they better not tell me it will take"a week to 10days".

.. and YES...I'm a PISSED CONSUMER !

to 8O831o78 #1541408

3 weeks if that. They just told me.


May 2018 this morning I had an unauthorized debit of 99.99 from McAfee.I am filing a complaint today!


Iam currently trying to get my money back which I have asked for 3 times and I told them last year to cancel it which they have not done, iam not happy, every time I calk them they *** me off, I'm disgusted


Same here, just got off the phone with my bank. I'm out of 89.99 for a product I didn't order.

They are sending me the transaction report. Because I want to know how they got my debit card #. Next, I'm filing a complaint.

If you've brought an ASUS laptop recently that has McAfee on it, watch out for your debit and/or credit card info. It may be compromised.

Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States #1304919

McAffee is STILL at it in good ol' 2017. Had the SAME thing happen from the same McAfee866-622-3911 TX.

A little under $100. I don't have virus protection on any laptop I own currently and this card is new from the last 3 years (from previous fraud elsewhere). I haven't had McAffee since I was on DIAL UP and a young teen. This is INSANE.

How they got my info, I've no idea. I called the bank and my card has been cancelled. Have to wait for a new one while they investigate this FRAUD.

What a bunch of crooks! How are they still doing this???

to Anonymous #1417585

Had the same thing happen today but for $106 dollars. I'm ticked!

and of course everytime I call I get someone in India that I cannot understand.

Waiting for my husband to get home from work so I can ask if he made this charge. Virus protection for one computer doesn't cost $106 bucks and never should.


My husband hot billed and we never use macaffe we don't even have a computer.

Sumter, South Carolina, United States #1275225

Why have you charged me with a 89.99 and 6.00 and made a 26.78 deposit to my bank account. I suscribed to a special you had on January 10 for 49.99.

I paid it with my debit card. You should not have charged me again with the 89.99 and 6.00.

And what was the 26.78 deposit all about. by withdrawing money from my account that was not allotted for use you have made my account overdrawn.

I want my money back. Is this the way Mcafee treats their customers?

Nellie T. Hanna



Yeah they're mongrels for it stay away from them.... they are doing the same with me. Lisa


me too!! ironic that a company whose product is security cant be TRUSTED!! thankfully i have a prefunded card i used with them a year ago and since i keep no money on it unless im making an online purchase, they didnt get my money WAHOO

Hayward, California, United States #1104416

so what do i have to do to get my money back?

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