I also have received a charge to my credit card for McAfee866-622-**** TX that is unauthorized. I would like to know where do they get their information?

I can't figure it out unless Dell gives them my credit card information when I purchased my computer. I could not get anywhere with customer service until I gave them my credit card number, which frankly, scared me. I don't trust anyone with my card number anymore.

Apparently if you own a Dell, the McAfee virus protection will be an automatic renewal. Be prepared to get billed even if you aren't using McAfee anymore.

Monetary Loss: $79.

Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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Same issue with my Dell and “subscription” for McAfee that wasn’t requested. I sat o.

Their customer service line for 25 min!

I took a picture of this to prove what *** customer service they have. Then, I received an automated mail response from them saying absolutely NOTHING to help the situation.


I too was charged $119 for mcfee had to call my bank and put a hold on funds and get a new card this company needs to be look into stealing credit card info and charging without authorizing this surely is illegal


A virus company ? More of a shady catch you in the back alley and rob you company


For the last two years including this last December in 2020 I have been charged $199.00 dollars on my credit card but I am not getting any updates for this software. My computer is unprotected because there have been no update.

What do I need to do to get this corrected. Tommy Tucker tutkcer180home@***.com


I found an unauthorized pending cash purchase of $131.69 from McAfee today. Talked to their customer service which checked my card number and email but couldn't find any transactions or accounts for either, so she said there was nothing she could do and I would need to call my card's customer service to dispute the charge. I've never purchased McAfee and have no idea how they got my card number.


I was charged $85 from them and my yearly subscription isn't up yet and my first time registering was in May 2019 and only for $37?! Called the bank and they were very helpful! Will call Mcafee first thing in the a.m and if that doesn't go through, my bank said they'll help me out.


Never used or paid for mcafee software ever in my life because it is trash, somehow they charged me for $63 on my credit card. Card company has no record of this ever being charged in the past as a subscription.

It’s fraud, disputed the charge, cancelled the card. Don’t bother calling the number charged to your account, unless you want to give sketchy Pajeet your personal info so they can rip you off again.


I was on the phone with them for 20 minutes and the Credit card look up system didnt work so they said they would transfer me to a supervisor and was disconnected. I am currently on the phone with them for a 2nd time and it feels like it may happen again


I was just charged 120.88 by McAfee.com and I haven't used them and don't know how they got my credit card info because it is a brand new card. Luckily, my bank put a hold and decline on it. I'm grateful that I wasn't out any money but how is this legal?


McAfee made authorized purchase on my credit card and DID NOT HAVE MY NEW NUMBER ON FILE. I cannot understand where they got my number.

It is frightening. I made a purchase with Chewy (which I do on a regular basis), but this time, at 5:00 am, McAfee charged my account. I have a hard time not thinking this is connected some how. I contacted McAfee for a refund and was advised that VISA automatically provides updated information to them, if they have an expired account.

This doesn't sound right. I have had legitimate automatic subscriptions (ie cable) cut off due to them having an expired card, so why would VISA provide them with updated information without my authorization?

Additionally, I haven't purchased from McAfee in 2 years and always cut off any automatic renewals. I need to report this.


Today I was slammed by McAfee with a charge of $109.99 that I never initiated. I do not use McAfee.

Being paranoid I am getting a new credit card. Like the others, I am pissed.


They did the exact same thing to me with the same amount on 2/9/19! But what is strange is that they charged my new card number!!!

It’s not even my McAfee Account- it was an ex boyfriend’s!! Be aware that somehow they can get your new card number because that’s exactly what they did.

That is fraud! I no longer trust McAfee to protect any of my information as they think they are above the law.


So I ended up calling them why they charged me 109.99. Turns out I had an account started 3 years ago that was on auto-renew (which I also don't remember doing).

They were able to cancel the autonew and refund my money. So instead of cancelling your card, try calling first and getting refunded.


Just found a charge for 107. and change for 12/24/18 McAfee.

I don't have McAfee on any of my devices. I called and they needed my address, email, name, and last 4 digits of my account. They asked me how I knew Susan. It is my mother in a different state.

They claim the charge is for her McAfee. Thing is she has never used my credit card and she has received nothing from McAfee on renewal. She said she was not even sure she had them on her computer. .

Anyway McAfee tried to get me to give them my moms credit card info. I said NO this has nothing to do with her. It is my card you charged. She stated she had not requested the charge or the product.

It has something to do with auto renewal, but again we never made the charge and outside of buying the computer years ago on a credit card, I have never used my card to buy McAfee.

I demanded a refund which they state I will get within a week. Now I am wondering if they have slid this charge in on me in past years without picking up on it.


You are smart..just cancel your account; lots of imposter security companies! Don't trust Lifelock with Norton


I just got hit with $108.00 by McAfee. I am reporting bank fraud to my bank and calling the attorney general.


They charge me for nothing too!!! It’s £52.39!!!


I was wrongly debited 59.99 USD (=220.77 Isr. shekel). I have never purchased McAfee and I am demanding a refund as soon as possible.


McAfee got me for $93. I've tried three times to get my refund.

They just put you on hold and tell you a bunch of crap like "your not showing in our system." I feel like I got scammed and I did. If you got McAfee better change to something else and check your credit card statements because they will ream you up the caboose.


Mcafee just charged my card too! 108 bucks lost out of no where.

Sketchy thing is, I don't even use Mcafee.

It is installed on my computer but I have never opened it, nor have I ever made an account for it. Virus protection my *** Mcafee is the virus.

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