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I am a real person, and I not being compensated in any way to write this. I received McAfee spyware with a new Windows based computer laptop three years ago. After 6 months-a year, the subsciption expired, and I moved on to other virus protection programs. Ever since that time, RAM-dense McAfee popups appear:

Every four hours

Twice at computer startup

Once at around 4 am

Once at a around 5:30 am

Neither am I inexperienced with computers. The most reflexive response to the above complaint should read something like, 'go to user options and adjust to settings that suit you. The real problem is in fact that this is not possible. This particular version of McAfee is set up in such a way that a user cannot adjust the advanced options without first verifying their subscription. The end result is that I am totally prohibited from shutting off intrusive adversing for 'updates' and McAfee products until I purchase them. These popups also minimize whatever window I am currently using. McAfee uses 150,000-200,000 KB (alot for this generation of computer).

I will say that in its defense, I encountered NO problems with viruses while using McAfee. Also, many of the pop-up windows, which are modest sized, appeared when the subscription was still active, but I didn't have the time or inclination to shut them off during that period, being busy with setting up the other details of the computer and real-life things. Still, I think it's resonable to expect that software, once expired, should not by default spam your its former user without recourse. McAfee deserves a more thorough lambasting than I have posted here for the sly and chronically irritating update interface to which I am victim. I also suspect that the computer and virus protection companies are in no small measure responsible for the viruses they so proprietarily protect us from, but that has nothing to do with this review.

I had the idea for this site, but I'm glad someone actually executed. Good site.

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Westfield, New Jersey, United States #580027

Thanks for your story. I just uninstalled McAfee today after I saw this awesome message.

It keeps asking me to update. And even when I choose to "Uninstall". The next screen comes "Cancel", "Remove", and "Renew". And "Renew" is the default button. If I go a little bit fast, I will be cheated to renew!!

What a shame and cheatful software company McAfee has!!


did you uninsrtall the program and clean the registry after? It sounds like you have not.

OH and any other full protection software uses about the same amount of resources as you claim, if not more.

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