Saw that my credit card was charged for an automatic renewal for McAffee. I did not even sign up for McAfee but my bank did it for us for free for the first year.

I did not realize that we were in some kind of auto-renewal scheme. This was not specified to me at the time. All it said was that we were given this for free by my bank. A year later...bango...they getchya!!

We were not told of any automatic renewal they came with this. I am also going to complain to FTC as this is an unlawful business practice...or it should be!! When will these companies learn!!????

Do not take us all for dummies!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcafee Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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The same thing happened to me, by bank offered me this "free" subscription and I bought into this, but never used the product. I was charged $80 after one year even though I changed to a new billing address.

Their email mentions option to disable auto renewal, but there is none when I login. Thankfully, calling their customer support number 186* *** **** helped.

McAfee sets you up for auto renewal but makes it very hard to change or cancel it. This is a very lousy and bad business practice!


I would also like to add that the auto renew option or their auto renewing 'scam' will automatically renew whether your credit card has expired or not. I really feel this is another violation and flagrant abuse of power.

My card had expired and I was charged and was told by a customer service representative that this information was in the end user agreement (of course).

Why is this detail not mentioned in the extensive and many e-mails that they send out to customers. It would only take one sentence to inform users of this 'violation' in my opinion.


I was also charged 89.00 plus tx when I had made sure auto renewal was turned OFF. I also had removed my CC number.

HOWEVER, they illegally turned on auto renewal, and had a copy of my CC number. They say I am getting a refund, but the sofware does not say so. Also, I cannot use their web site as it is somehow blocked. This is criminal and big brother controlling our lives.

The software did not even block viruses even Microsoft OEM picked up on viruses before and without Mcafee! This compnay MUST be reviewed by the and sued by various goverments and watch dog agencys.


This just happened to me too. Called mcafee and they will send a refund (we'll see).

Then called my bank and file a claim (charges were still pending). The bank agent also said it happened to her, go figure. She also said that it was not my bank who gives out my info or authorizes these charges, its VISA. Freakin' crooks!

first, decent anti virus programs are available and free, just educate yourself. Second, this is the new reality we live in. Big brother is not the government, its the large companies collecting and sharing your info.

Every time you "like" something on social media you are inviting these wolves into your house. Much more to say, not enough time or patience.

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