McAfee, A program that is supposed to protect your computer from spyware malware and viruses is the worst virus out there!! I purchased a Dell laptop a year ago preloaded with McAfee security suite.

After the initial subscription was up my computer slowed dramatically and every 2 minutes a McAfee pop-up ad would show up on my screen and tell me that my computer was not protected. I tried everything to speed up my computer and nothing worked until I removed McAfee completely from my computer.

Once I did it has perfromed beautifully. I will never use McAfee products again and will tell everyone I know that they are not to be trusted!!!

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

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Agree why does HP put it on there laptops.


McAfee makes it impossible to reach customer service -- even though they gave me a service number to reference if I had problems. Their site said "THAT SERVICE NUMBER IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR HELP." What????? I'M CANCELLING McAfee Immediately!!!!


Well this was enlightening I was worried my lack of technical knowledge was failing me not Mcafee My Computer has the same pop up (Advertisement) telling me i need to restart my computer to remove a virus and every time I have it returns. But most annoying is when I hit help I'm sent to a page that seems more concerned with selling me extensions to their product.

Reading all the posts I see I now have a Squatter in my computer who may be difficult to remove because it will not uninstall. With so many complaints about the uninstall being so common I wonder if people should collectively take a class action against them though how to phrase it and find all the legal angles I couldn't say


That happened to me aswell, but i havnt got it out of my computer


I bought an acer for 1500US dollar and surprise surprise, it came with McAfee, now the odd thing is I cannot open the application, when I uninstall I get the "Page cannot be loaded" as if it was open in a browser.. their own uninstaller wont uninstall, simply freezes on MCP part, I left it for 2 hours to do its thing but..

yeah it did not.. I tried again.. and still, a complete windows reformat and it still there. From the very bottom of my heart, for ever coming across an application that offers no protection, nobody asked for it, I hope dieses that are far worse than cancer befalls these people.

Even cancer in todays modern world, can be cured, but McAfee?... no cure, no uninstaller, no.. it simply stays there whether you like it or not, and worst of all, if you somehow managed to remove partial parts of the program, or in registry, or services, they will all get reinstalled on next boot. Why?...

why force this crap? Why is acer putting this on consumer laptops, knowing, because I know people have complained about it, just read their forums. They know yet they still allow it? Dell does it too.

I am going to return this laptop. just got it yesterday and ive been going at it for an entire day trying to remove this infected application that I never wanted or asked for in first place. Comes preinstalled, omg.. SECURITY … SOMEONE MIGHT COME INTO YOUR HOUSE AND STAB YOU!


Yea.. ITS NOT GONNA DO JACK *** "Caps off"


It does suck. And customer care is worse.

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The software is trash and garbage but the support is great!


I agree McAfee slowed my computer to a crawl but Norton works fine.


McAfee is horrible! I believe they make the viruses so we are forced to buy there software!


1. their auto scan feature cannot be set to scan weekly or when you want to scan.

If this was anybody other than Macafee it would be called a ***-up.

2. I wanted to scan just one 30 MB file but these *** scanned nearly 1000 files and took 12 minutes. I couldn't even stop the scan as an administrator. If this was anybody other than Macafee it would be called a ***-up.


their program will no longer scan incoming email due to some glitch. After a couple of hours on the phone to their help desk, I was advised to disable that feature.

If this was anybody other than Macafee it would be called a ***-up.

4. Conclusion: Because of these and OTHER problems with their program, Macafee is a ***-up.


McAfee is slow AF.

I recommend MalwareBytes.

The free versions don't real time scan, nor does it manually scan files that you select, instead it does a full scan of the entire system.

The paid version does real time scanning and includes lots of other things to do with Malwarebytes.


Resource hog, yet still somehow not very effective. Got a sub with my new laptop, could barely watch Netflix because of the resource drain.

Just ... choose something else.

Please Mcafee ppl l2 code n gtfo ..


Even though I had this useless McAfee program installed on the computer(thinking) I was protected, I got a money pak virus. Customer service then tells me they will charge me $90 to remove it!

Something their product should have done in the first place ! I wanted to grab that broken English gibberish sounding *** of a tech support person and ram this product down his throat. What an insult to (try) to charge you something that their product FAILED to do in the first place.

BOYCOTT McAFEE and hopefully their company will fail as miserably as their product really is .


They are *** I bought a group of McAfee licenses and renew them every year. One of my mac machines rejected my attempt to install the newest version of virus protection. It claimed I had an Enterprise version of McAfee on my mac.

Ok, genius, go to their website and look at ALL the products they sell. Not a single one has the word Enterprise in it. Try searching for the word enterprise, only two items pop up.

Dear McAfee, if you are going to put an error message out there (word or phrase), make sure it is SEARCHABLE on your website. Otherwise it's just a red herring. next time use other random words like Jelly or Dog.


They wanted to Charge me 90$ to remove a Trojan... Suffice to say one system restore later I will not be renewing my Subscription.


Thats all i really have to say


just download microsoft security essentials and malware bytes. there both free.


McAfee wouldn't let my girlfriend's Dell Inspiron connect to the internet. I'm sure this keeps it from getting a virus, other than Mcafee, but it also makes the computer nearly useless.

Threw a fit and uninstalled it. Then I found an automatic charge from Mcafee for my subscription.

*** you, Mcafee. *** you very much.

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the same thing happened with my girlfriends computer. it took us forever to finally figure out what was causing the problem, and even then it was only after i figured out that mcafee had blocked skype on my computer.


it sucks so bad!!!!!! it was secretely hiding in my java updater!

who does that! :( :( :( :( :( when i connected to the help chatroom and said it wouldnt unstall i was kicked! i tried joining again but they kicked me as soon as i was on!!!

RAGE!!! :( :( :( :(

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