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I bought McAfee Total Protection for 3 computers and after intalling the program I was unable to use Internet Explorer it just locked up and I couldn't access the internet. After 3 days on the phone with their so called tech support the problen is still with me.

I finally got fed up and demanded a refund and they said they would send a form to fill out and I could expect a refund in about 4 weeks after they receive the form.

Now I have to buy some other brand of protection, go through the whole installation process again and I won't have my money back for 4 weeks. The lesson is DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM MACAFEE!!

Location: Mclean, Virginia

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same thing there product is junk


Should have gotten Norton :(


I have paid for both McAfee and Norton and found them to be bloated software hogs that slowed my computer and often did not find malware.

I have used free AVG for many years and its the best protection I could have. I am careful to update it daily, and it has proven more reliable and less intrusive than the expensive protection.

MajorGeeks.com has this and other free programs to download as well as great and detailed advice on how to clean out your computer when trouble strikes.


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