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I bought 3 years subscription with a new laptop. The company who set the machine up added the first.

The numbers on the other two vouchers were not accepted and while trying to add them, I was charged. (A credit card number had to be supplied.) I didn't object; it was an offer price and I was protected. This year, before renewing, I checked the record of threats stopped, NIL! My free covers were clearly working well.

I didn't renew. 6 months later I am being bombarded several times a day by pop-ups with horror stories of what will happen if I don't renew. I can close them, but they are more than annoying. They block a corner of the screen when I am part way though a post on social media or typing an important document, and my concentration goes.

I regard this as harassment, but I am reluctant to enter into discussion with the company. I do NOT intend to install McAfee if it was offered for free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcafee Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Stop advertising pop-ups.

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I went on ahead and ordered the trial offer of Mcafee. And i still get offers to renew my subscription again.

I don't understand. They act as though I never ordered a thing. What is wrong with their tech room? I also am in Mcafee popup *** They won't stop.

The settings do not work. I also tried uninstalling McAfee. That did not work either. They keep telling me to turn on something all the time.

Isn't that why i bought the subscription? That is their job. They want me to renew the same day I paid for subscription about a 1000 times an hour.

Good thing my debit card expires this year. I will not tell them my new number, so they will not charge me for another subscription.

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