Reg Act # 4134-96**-**48-9587:

I did not order McAfee.com 866-622-**** CA ,therefore I do not owe $69.99.

I had email correspondance with a customer service rep on April 25,2008 and understood that the charge would be removed.

I also, filed a dispute with my credid card co. at the same time. I received my statement May 23, 2008 and the charge had not been removed..

I hope this charge will be removed from my account before I get another statement.

My computer was not responding to the internet or email. I had McAfee Viris/Spyware security (Nov 2007). The tech that 'cleaned up' my computer said the security was 'blocking' too much and I had him to remove it. (April 24, 2008) I now have another brand of security.

It is interesting that the date of the charge to my account for the new McAfee was the same date that the origional was removed.


Location: Suwanee, Georgia

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You people calling yourselfs McAfee 866-622-**** why are you taking peoples money away just like that. *** you just go en work stop taking peoples money for nothing.

I hope you die tomorrow.

Do you people know how difficult the life is just to take peoples money like that? Justice will follow you wherever you go.

*** youuuuuu.

can anybody do something about this???????????????????


I don't understand why my money is removed from my credit card account. Amount 79.95 euro.

I didn't order anything with McAfee 866-622-****. cathykale2001@***.com


I did not order Mcafee virus, $53.11 Please issue a refund #386********

My e-mail is mlouisem75@***.com


MCAFEE 866-622-**** USA :

My name is Mehr Hans Bernhard and I was charged with USD 79.99 through my VISA Card. I have already contacted my compagny,Swiss Post Finance to tell them to refuse to pay this amount.

I never used McAfee because I have Norton for my security. Please refund this amount.


I did not order Mcafee 866-622-**** and was charged $86.47 I don't even use Mcafee. I made a phone call and talked to someone I could not understand at all (In some other country) I was told that I would be refunded in 5 to 10 days, well I have bills that I paid and sent out Friday today is Sunday, so I will have checks that will bounce...Thanks a lot you crooks


McAfee fraudulently charged $89.99 on my credit card, so I 866-622-**** the number on my statement and it was some Filipino from the Philippines. McAfee i didn't realize you were so hard up for money, but since the founder is being charged for Murder ...I guess McAfee needs the funds for his defense? Anyways, my bank is going to prosecute them.


I was just charged 49.99 and did not buy anything either.


I was just charged $85 on march 28 by Mcafee and I know I did not approve the transaction nor was I even going to renew. How do I get my money back? And I still don't understand how they are able to do this.


*** mcafee charged me for $99.95 but i do not buy any purchased from thier company and i do not give my permission to deduct that amount. This is the date that they deducted my credit card 22/12/12 what the *** is that asl the permission first bfore you taken my money ***.


I found a charge of $84.79 on my credit card. I persume it is for a renewal of Mcaffee security.

I absolutely did not renew it, nor do I intend to. I am now with Zoominternet which provides with me with free security with Trend.

Please remove this charge from my credit card. Thank you


I was looking at my bank account and noticed a transaction of $102.83. A payment made to Mcafee.

I did not aurhorized this transaction.

Does anyone know how I can get a refund for this amount. I cannot afford to have this amount taken out of my account since I am on a tight budget.


He recibido el día 26/6/12 un cargo en mi tarjeta de 69,95 € hecho por MCAFEE 866-622-**** IE y yo no he pedido esto ni he hecho este pago. Quiero que este importe me sea reembolsado.



McAffee is supposed to be FREE with my internet subscription (cox) yet somehow i ended up with a 40 dollar charge... randomly...

i have had it for over a year so i have no idea what's going on. i am mad and not looking forward to disputing since so many others have had problems.


Paguei em 16/03/2012 através do CARTÃO UNIVERSO 33,95 euros o antivirus MCAFEE 866-622-****, mas

até hoje não me foi enviado o código para o instalar no meu computador portáctil.Código abaixo



I actually have the same problem, $104 for a MCafee product I haven't ordered on nov 5th. I even have a macbook so it's not like I'm going to be able to use the software anyway. It's just strange that this has happened to so many others :(

I'm currently trying to get through to them via phone, but I've been on hold for 15mins now!


My Credit card was charged by McAfee for $133 without my permission. So frustrated, how can they do this?


I have had 3 charges of $20.83AU to my account now, I don't even have McAfee, let alone would I ever want it...

WTF is going on?


Hey I was going through my bank statement the other day and on

5/7/11 there was a visa withdrawal for $20.79 with the reference

MCAFEE 866-62*-*** US then again on the 8/7/11 same reference for $31.08 the last one again with the same reference on 12/7/11 for $21.06. I have never used or signed up for any MCAFEE product so can anyone tell me why there are so many of us being charged by MCAFEE. Seems ironic doesn't it that we are being scammed by the very people whose software is supposed to protect us from this sort of stuff


Hello, My credi card has been charged for AUD$99.95 (866-6**-**11CA)on the 25 Feb, 2011 for a product that was not purchased. Please refund this amount immediately.


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