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Mcafee supposedly has an end user agreement with some hidden charges. You know those things nobody ever reads? Yeah, by signing on with them, you agree they can charge your account. I already renewed my McAfee for 20+ dollars 3 days ago. Then they charge my account again for $89.99 to "renew" with them. I never ok'd it, per se. However they have found a legal loophole to allow them to take your money. Yes I received a refund, but they drained my... Read more

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1) I mailed in the $50.00 rebate for McAfee Total Protection product on 4/11/2016 and mailed in Rebate form with all requested information. 2) I waited well beyond the 8 to 12 weeks projected 'processing time' - received no rebate (Visa debit card). 3) On 8/15/2016 I entered my first chat session to get information on Rebate status. In this session I was told that the address I had provided on the Rebate form was invalid. I provided the same... Read more

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We just bought a new Dell Inspiron 3250 in July 2016 and it came with LiveSafe. In defense of McAfee, we had just renewed the subscription to McAfee Viruscan in May 2016 and after asking for a supervisor (and we've subscribed for ten years), they reimbursed the full renewal cost. On 8/24/2016, the computer started doing some odd things (Win 10) that seemed to change day to day. Windows Task Manager would not open via any means, Command Prompt... Read more

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Same with me ..they took from my credit card

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I submitted the request and received confirmation. I questioned why I did not receive my rebate which was to be in 30 days. I was then told via email it was sent on July 7 and to wait 15 days. Now it is July 29, 2016 and still no rebate. Are they going out of business? McAfee is owned by INTEL so who at INTEL is minding this store? If they are stiffing a lot of folks then it is possible that some attorney could initiated a class action against... Read more

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I subscribe to mcafee -payment renewal due in September.In the interim, they debit my account with an additional sum of £89.99. I ring their Indian call centre, first person I speak to is quite helpful and explains there is a second e-mail account under my details with a . at the end -never heard of a hotmail acct with a dot at the end before! He explains he will give me a reference number and transfer me to someone who can help-I just need to... Read more

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Mcafee turned my auto renew back on without my knowledge, back in December 2015, and then renewed my subscription. I didn`t worry too much because my credit card expired in February 2016, so I knew they couldn`t do it again!!. I started to get emails from them, urging me to update my card details, but obviously I didn't. Then suddenly the emails stopped, so I assumed they had given up. After all, the next renewal is not until next December.... Read more

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The whole company is a *** I spent about 45 mins on the phone to a guy from mac Afee trying to get a refund and he hit me with saying my computer needed service and was trying to charge me 129 pound a year in order for him to refund me I will not be letting this lie the whole company are fraudster am sorry to say but my experience is not a good one of them I amazed that they are not being investigated as I can see they are a lot of complaints... Read more

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I agree with your issues here. I have McAfee's so-called t Total Protection plan and about one month ago I also acquired the Ramsomware virus that you did which wiped out massive amounts of my data. I contacted McAfee and all they would do was offer to remove the virus for $85 US(I live in Canada) which I had them do, but they can't retrieve the data. When I commented on their false claim of total protection, all I got was the comment that... Read more

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07-04-2016 Hi, I have McAfee Live Safe installed on my PC. It cost more than nothing - yet it was as good as nothing. 2 days ago, I was locked out of all my files - everything, music, documents, anything you can think of - by a virus called RecovER. So I asked McAfee for help. "Run a full scan" I was told. I did, and the scan came back saying "Your PC is secure". So rang McAfee back and told them - they responded by saying "Sorry all your data... Read more

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